Careful Not Fearful

Two months ago I joined a gym. Swimming pool membership only. I would have told you the gym itself was not for me. Not my thing. How changeable am I? The other day I upgraded to full membership. Gym included. Tomorrow I have an appointment to be shown around the machines. Will let you know... Continue Reading →

Stop The World

Yesterday I watched most of the funeral. I am Irish. Have no loyalty to the monarchy. This was a historic day, however. I was glued to the TV. Fascinated. Queen Elizabeth has always been there. Part of the background of our lives. Distant. Not related in any way. Her presence just was. Now it is... Continue Reading →

Diet Culture Hurts

Have been away from my blog for a few weeks now. Been struggling with Intuitive Eating. Been struggling with eating generally. Am aware that for people who live with the pain of eating disorders, struggles like mine must surely seem trivial. Comparatively speaking they are. Yet for me and many like me, recovering from the... Continue Reading →


Fierce, fickle, fluctuating. Learning to allow and safely navigate our feelings is the lesson of a lifetime. Here is a little poem to help you stay mindful. Have a lovely, restful weekend. Love, Sandra

Battle Of The Binge

Wrote this little poem a few years back. At the time was trying to encourage myself while feeling out of control around food. Was never officially diagnosed with binge eating disorder. Never went to a doctor to chat about it. Instead tend to think of my eating as somewhat disordered. Perhaps it is a spectrum.... Continue Reading →

Kind To Self

When starting this blog I thought it would be all about Intuitive Eating. I was wrong. Writing about whatever comes to mind appeals more. Intuitive Eating will be a part of that. Good to let ourselves be flexible with whatever helps us best. Today’s thoughts are about being kind to self. How are you at... Continue Reading →

Applaud Ourselves

We swim in a sea of opinions, ideas and expectations. Presumptions. Can we ever think independently? We are shaped and biased from birth. By parents, peers and pressure to conform. Eating is not the only part of our lives deeply moulded by others. Perhaps even reaching the point of questioning diet culture is a step... Continue Reading →

On Crutches

Fell on Friday. Hurt my knee. Was visiting a friend who was staying in a cute caravan. A tiny, girly, pink and floral place. Entranced by the surroundings I walked across the grass, not noticing a dip. Over I went, twisting leg as I dropped. Nothing broken but damage done. Now icing, using crutches and... Continue Reading →

Mirrors Magnify

Joined a swimming pool Been swimming more than have done in years. Muscles feeling it. Tiring. Relaxing. Uplifting. Except for the mirrors. Non-flattering reflection of my swimsuit and I, glamorous cap aiding the image. Slimmer, fitter bodies walk by and I pay them no heed. Except that when my own body is seen in said... Continue Reading →

Simple. Difficult.

Tuning in. Trusting ourselves. Listening deeply to our bodies, minds, emotions. As noise of life whirls around us. As drama of thought buzzes inside us. As fears for future flash into us. I am committed to this. Some days feel it’s the most natural, beautiful way. Simple. Some days feel it’s the most torturous, complex... Continue Reading →

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