Simple Not Easy

Tuning in.

Trusting ourselves.

Listening deeply to our bodies, minds, emotions.

As noise of life whirls around us.

As drama of thought buzzes inside us.

As fears for future flash into us.

I am committed to this.

Some days feel it’s the most natural, beautiful way.


Some days feel it’s the most torturous, complex way.


It is both.

It is hard, easy, obtuse, obvious, painful, fun…

Life is messy. Such a cliche!

Intuitive Eating is messy. Intuitive anything is messy. Especially at Christmas time!

Thanks for listening,



2 thoughts on “Simple Not Easy

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  1. I’ve been trying intuitive eating recently too and it’s really tough but it’s helping. I have a slight issue with binge eating and I don’t want it to get worse.


    1. Glad it is helping you. Yes it is both helpful and tough. If people were fully honest, I’m guessing a very large number of folk have issues with binge eating. Some slight some major. The way our culture and the diet industry surrounds us makes it hard not to. Great to notice it early and find ways to be kind to yourself.


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