Battle Of The Binge

Wrote this little poem a few years back. At the time was trying to encourage myself while feeling out of control around food. Was never officially diagnosed with binge eating disorder. Never went to a doctor to chat about it. Instead tend to think of my eating as somewhat disordered. Perhaps it is a spectrum.

Binges mean different things to different people. Hard to clearly define. Feeling out of control is a description that speaks to me.

Nowadays I overeat, eat foods just because they taste nice, eat stuff had planned not to eat…..And yet, though the out of control feeling pops up it never lasts long anymore. Never dominates. Never gets scary. I have found some of the freedom I was looking for.

Not total freedom. Not perfection.

There are many reasons for bingeing. I’m no doctor, no consultant, no expert. If I could go back in time I’d advise myself to go see a specialist who might help me. For me, it was intuitive eating that brought the imperfect freedom I now have.

If you are bingeing, stuck in that painful, terrifying place, Intuitive Eating may or may not help you. I would start with an intuitive eating coach. A good one will point you onwards if you need a different kind of professional help. Choose your coach wisely.

Ignore my suggestions if they do not appeal to you or if you’d be happier taking a totally different approach. Whichever way you go, I hope you find help and encouragement.

Fan hope alive, till freedom sings.

Thanks for listening,



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