One of Those Days

There are days when I have peace around food. Not fully. Not guaranteed. Peace in as much as I can accept it maybe.

There are days when it feels blah. Uncomfortable. Hopeless.

Had a fun trip to London earlier this week. It was a Christmas gift. We had tickets to see Hamilton.

It takes little to knock me off balance around food. No, I have not had any eating disorder or disordered eating diagnosis. Reckon I am similar to many women my age (and younger/older). The years of diet nonsense have taken their toll.

Getting back into a routine following even a short trip away can be surprisingly difficult. Not complaining, had a wonderful time away!

Noticing. Reflecting on today. Overate. Made choices I’m not delighted about. Feeling sluggish.

Nothing drastic. Just a bit blah.

Sharing because this is a common experience. We have a relationship with food. Relationships need minding.

Tomorrow is a new day for learning to tune in to ourselves.

Thanks for listening,



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