One of Those Days

There are days when I have peace around food. Not fully. Not guaranteed. Peace in as much as I can accept it maybe. There are days when it feels blah. Uncomfortable. Hopeless. Had a fun trip to London earlier this week. It was a Christmas gift. We had tickets to see Hamilton. It takes little... Continue Reading →


You may have strong feelings about this word. You may be of the belief that being overweight, especially obese, especially morbidly obese is one of the worst things that could happen to someone. Or rather you may believe it is one of the worst things someone could do to themselves. Alternatively, you may see obesity... Continue Reading →

Battle Of The Binge

Wrote this little poem a few years back. At the time was trying to encourage myself while feeling out of control around food. Was never officially diagnosed with binge eating disorder. Never went to a doctor to chat about it. Instead tend to think of my eating as somewhat disordered. Perhaps it is a spectrum.... Continue Reading →

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