Candle Rage

A candle was moved from right place to wrong My reaction came not as a sweet caring song But the roar of a bear scattering throng Demanding said candle go where it belong No one was frightened more than I And when the bear silenced I started to cry and cry And cry Asking why... Continue Reading →

Poetry Focuses The Heart

A few words, put together in a way we have not heard before, catch our attention. They bring pause. They stir something in us. We may not know what it stirs yet. We simply feel it. Poetry can grab our hearts before it speaks to our brain. Poetry can be for anyone and everyone. It... Continue Reading →


Fierce, fickle, fluctuating. Learning to allow and safely navigate our feelings is the lesson of a lifetime. Here is a little poem to help you stay mindful. Have a lovely, restful weekend. Love, Sandra

Battle Of The Binge

Wrote this little poem a few years back. At the time was trying to encourage myself while feeling out of control around food. Was never officially diagnosed with binge eating disorder. Never went to a doctor to chat about it. Instead tend to think of my eating as somewhat disordered. Perhaps it is a spectrum.... Continue Reading →

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