Pot of Soup

Mindfulness by moments seems doable to me. Long stretches of focus are problematic. Making soup yesterday I was struck by how meditative it felt. There was a relaxation to be found in washing, peeling and stirring. Thankfully the soup turned out well. Regardless of that outcome, the process was calming. Mindfulness by moments. That I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Into Monday

At different stages of life the switch from Sunday to Monday can vary in how it feels. Yet for most it is challenging. With so much to get done we leave play behind for "days off only". For me it helps to catch moments of fun or silliness and allow them to flow. Even brief... Continue Reading →

Sentiment Sends

Sentiment can feel lovely in short bursts. If we start to stew in it then it leads to problems. For me anyhow. How about you? It can either bring me to look forward with dread or look back with a deep sense of loss. Neither serve me well. Sentiment can be lovely but handle with... Continue Reading →

Poetry Focuses The Heart

A few words, put together in a way we have not heard before, catch our attention. They bring pause. They stir something in us. We may not know what it stirs yet. We simply feel it. Poetry can grab our hearts before it speaks to our brain. Poetry can be for anyone and everyone. It... Continue Reading →

Lost In A Book

Was chatting with an author today. She has published two novels. Ordered one of them and look forward to reading it when it arrives. I write poetry, not novels, so was fascinated with the way she spoke of her characters. It reminded me of this little poem I wrote a while back. How wonderful it... Continue Reading →


Fierce, fickle, fluctuating. Learning to allow and safely navigate our feelings is the lesson of a lifetime. Here is a little poem to help you stay mindful. Have a lovely, restful weekend. Love, Sandra

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